Was Adolf Hitler a controlled opposition agent?

Later in life, I started to experience past life memories that culminated in a memory of dying in the bombing of Dresden. I went to Dresden to explore these memories. Dresden was real terrorism. That was when I started to realize that these monsters running this place can’t really kill me. I may be wrong about everything I think and feel but I record it all over the internet so anyone can see that my story is perfectly congruent. That’s the only proof I can offer myself or anyone.


Also, I have wondered many times if the Hitler character was a golem created to make Napoleon look bad. The similarities between the two are superficial yet the two are connected ceaselessly. 


Read about the theory that Adolf Hitler was an agent here


I don't know if this is True but it definitely could be and I’m going to keep looking into this and I hope many others will also. This is really important. I can’t think of any propaganda that’s been shoved harder down our throats than propaganda about this cartoonish character. 


According to Henry Makow: