Certain groups perceive violence and murder as the solution to their anxiety concerning their obsession with controlling others.

Same with both Jesus (so we’re told) and Napoleon, they were both viewed as a threat to the control of the shadowy oligarchs. 


Sometimes I wonder if getting killed by the puppets of these secret rulers for being good and Truthful is the ticket out of this low vibration realm.


The more darkness they throw, the sweeter the appeal of purity.


We really can be physically on this plane and somewhere else spiritually much higher. 


It started to happen when I gave up living in fear and I was no longer willing to help them keep their secrets. I’ve known they’re lying since I was a child. I just didn’t appreciate how much they’re lying.


How many “publicity firms” have it on their desk to find a way shut me up? I suspect there’s at least 3 or 4. Maybe it’s just one big “publicity firm”. Not quite sure.


Its been a parade of carrots and sticks from them for a while now. What I do is up to me. What they do is up to them. 


I don’t think a group that hates the Truth this much should be in control but it’s been this way for a long time. 


I have the right to do an art project that spreads Truth and knowledge and clean art freely. 


They can rule this world as they please but I have the right to discuss my life and what I’m seeing. Their actions impact me and their exploitation of the vulnerable hurts my heart. 


Anyone who opposes my good work that benefits the public is showing everyone exactly who they are. 


That’s just how it is.