I am being threatened.

I missed the last emails from this individual so I don’t even know what this is about. 


If anyone one is interested in suing me, we’ll see what my lawyers find out in discovery.


I’m always really interested in learning more about the type of person who falsely accuses and threatens me. Human nature really is fascinating. 


As for myself, I’m pretty much an open book


I’m just fighting for Art, Truth and to vindicate the good name of Napoleon. I actually did check and all of those things are not illegal yet. 


The reaction to this project is a very big part of this project. 


Deeds done at night come to light. 


If anyone is being gangstalked, it is most certainly me. I accept and continue to pay any price in order to uphold the Truth.


My guess is that this is an agent of the cryptocratic elite threatening me. We’ll find out if I’m mistaken. Just like some have the right to do bad, I also have the right to do good. 


My opponents expose themselves