To those trying to aggravate me about what I post here.

I present the song “Mind Games.”.

It was a police officer who told me if I don’t like what’s going on - then I should tell the Internet about it. 

I don’t jab any group except liars. (I’m being accused of jabbing the Jewish people by a supposed Rabbi.)

A suggestion: 

If liars don’t like getting exposed then maybe they should stop all the lying.

I oppose all talk that seeks to malign ANY RACIAL GROUP.

We all have free will. What I really don’t like is the child abuse I’m seeing. I am directly descended from “Jewish” people - whatever that is. If all Jewish people are evil then so am I.

I am someone who is really into culture and learning. If I were to get stereotypical, I’d say I like that Jewish people tend to be well educated and vivacious and funny.  

If anyone wants to come along and hang any ugly labels on me, I will fight them vociferously. I know my intentions. I also know what the sincere Jewish people are up against and I hope that any of them that seek good will consider me a staunch ally. 

Back to that police officer who was so kind and supportive to me when I was in need of such: 

That same police officer told me, “Deeds done at night - come to light.” 

I must again thank all of the police who have treated me right during this project which began 9/14. It has meant a lot to me.

Most of us really do want to live in a decent community where we mustn’t bow to the will of a secretive crime organization that masquerades as our friends.

NO ONE who is honest should have any reason to object to my work. I seek purity and Truth. I have THE RIGHT to seek these things. I have the right to resist oppression.

My feeling is that the vipers who are more and more encircling me are just exposing themselves. 

These oppositional beings are necessary elements and I welcome their participation.

The reaction to the project is a big part of this project.