We often hear that the Israeli Government attacked the US Government in 1967.

The Official Story is that the Israeli Government simply made a mistake.


Although this documentary is by a known propaganda agency, the BBC, perhaps the Truth can still be extrapolated from it. 


Some say this Official Story (that it was just a mistake) is unbelievable. Read about this here based on an investigation conducted near the time of the attack. 


This is a quote below by former Secretary of State Dean Rusk. 


I’m posting this to suggest a death cult is secretly in charge of world events.


I provide the best data I can find but it is my hope that the reader will explore the Truth for themselves. The congruent story is the True one.  


We also have reason to believe that US financial aid to the Israeli Government tripled after the lethal attack on the USS Liberty. Here is data to back up that claim.


This video is about Israeli Government efforts to violate the Constitutional Rights of US citizens.

It is claimed that there was serious pressure exerted to suppress airing of the video posted above. Learn about that here.