The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: a music video.

We are going to take a very close look at this. This musician is saying the document is real - clearly as a joke. The Truth is generally pretty easy to see after examination.


This video looks very well funded. Propaganda for the Sabbateans (an infiltrator cult that poses as “Jewish”) would be well funded.


I call this type of not funny move that we see in this video - the playing it cool/gaslighting move. 


This video gives me that manipulative mind games feeling which strikes me as something that would’ve been described as a media trick in the arsenal of the “learned elders”. 


No group that cares for morality would be behind this document. If it is real, only the harbingers of a lawbreaking anti-God cult could imagine such a thing. The Protocols might be a document created to frame decent regular Jewish people. Perhaps the Sabbateans unleashed their own playbook just to help create misery for regular Jewish people (through making them look bad by association) so they would be driven to the Middle East (the Protocols are from the early 1900s) to help the Sabbateans in their world conquest schemes.


So many sick media games are forced on us to trick us into fighting their wars, that only benefit them.