A comment I left on this video.

To OG Wan Kenobi - Ben Szemkus put up an editing tutorial yesterday on his channel. He’s laying low for now. We just think it’s important to get the word out that a bunch of elected officials were at a cult recruitment where women were eventually (we are told by the media) branded like cattle. The “Truth Community” for the most part do not want to touch this story and I certainly can see why.


Ben did pass a polygraph with a private investigator who is totally reputable. I really do appreciate your kind comment. A lot of why I am personally doing this is for my art project. I’ve created a very extreme project where I make the Truth as apparent as I can. The reaction to the art project in many ways is the art project.

We hear that NXIVM is still associated with schools that are currently in operation. Why is that? I don’t like the idea of children being indoctrinated by this group. Apparently the authorities are just fine with that while they take a few of them to court. Ben has attempted to speak to the authorities. They are not interested (so far).

Not only did Ryan avoid Ben’s story, he promoted Ben’s most vocal opponent (at that time). When confronted about this Ryan was flagrantly dishonest to us and his audience in his comments.

I know I’m risking my life doing this. I understand if others would rather not. I really do. I, of course, do not pretend to know you or your deepest motivations. Our choices say a lot about who we really are. We are very powerful if we are willing to access that power.

Thank you again.