Would they censor their own agent as part of a psyop?

If so then why? To show that they can? To frighten the real Resistance? To get people to argue for censorship, by default, if they think Alex Jones is a shill? To create endless lose-lose scenarios for the people who are clueless about how to regain the freedom they should never have lost? To drive traffic to the Alex Jones app? To get people used to the idea that it’s okay to censor us when that is not Constitutional? To distract from the BEN SZEMKUS testimony?


Censorship (of political speech) is a betrayal of our God given rights - as delineated in the Constitution. Anyone who thinks censorship is okay is betraying what the USA is supposed to be about. 


I’m NOT BUYING that Facebook is a private anything. Saying they can censor us because these internet businesses are private is an insult to our intelligence.


All these private businesses are obsessed with spying on us? Spying on us is anti-Constitutional.


You know who was supposed to be really into finding out dirt on people? The fabled Nazis.


No one can explain to me why the powers that be are acting like steroid and methamphetamine fueled Nazis. They keep kicking it around that Israel will make it illegal to call their behavior Nazi like. If the shoe fits, no law is going to change a thing. When I say Israel, I mean the combined ruling forces of Australia/USA/England/Vatican and I’m probably leaving out a bunch. The bad guys are seriously in power. God’s Law is the one that really matters. I will bet on God 10 times out of 10.


They built their foundation on lies. You’d think such fantastic builders, in their estimation, would’ve known better.