Very Important Questions About Who Is Ruling Over Reddit and Saidit.

There was someone “spamming” (as per this individual’s definition of spamming) Reddit saying one should try Saidit if one doesn’t like all the banning and censorship on Reddit. I tried posting my work to Saidit and I was promptly banned.


When “spamming” occurs to promote Saidit on Reddit, I let people know I was promptly banned. 


Now I’m hearing I was “muted” not banned. I was apparently “spamming” Saidit. When they don’t have anything else to frame me with, they USUALLY bring out the SPAM word.


I offer hard won knowledge for FREE. 


I’m not selling anything. I’m offering my work freely to ALL. Anyone who has a problem with my knowledge sharing (and defines this as “spam”) is saying A LOT about themselves.


NOW that I’ve been accused by an important person at Saidit, I am now APPARENTLY “muted” on Reddit in response to the Reddit Saidit VIP in question.


I cannot post a response under my name that will actually appear near these ugly accusations about me and my work. I guess the mods at Saidit and Reddit must be pretty tight.


Have you heard that the powers that be usually control both sides? I have!


I want to spread knowledge. I believe this is my mission. Anyone who views my mission as SPAM has exposed themselves for who they are. That’s why I made no attempt to ask Saidit to “unmute” or “unban” me when they locked my account.


Steemit very quickly shadow banned me and called me “bad” repeatedly. These new platforms are not what they’re PRETENDING they are. 


By allowing accusations against me and then silencing me, is Reddit attempting to herd the cantankerous ones to Saidit? 


Am I interfering with a coordinated exodus? Is that why they’re dropping their mask this time?