We’re reading the memoirs of Napoleon’s valet.

I am blown away by how Napoleon’s servant regarded him so highly. It really says a lot that Louis Marchand dedicated himself so entirely to this employer. Marchand slept at Napoleon’s door and followed him into exile TWICE. How could Napoleon inspire such devotion? I know how and I’m trying to show you now.


I’m really excited to present Memoirs by a noble born aristocratic General (Caulaincourt), a servant (Marchand) and Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense. All three are completely different and yet they are looking at and participating in the same exact saga without comparing notes.


Napoleon was on a hero’s journey and he carried his loved ones along with him - if they could handle it. I believe the most intense and complicated relationship was between Napoleon and his stepdaughter Hortense - that will be the next book.


The Marchand Memoirs can be found here: 




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