Would you consider it fair if they put post op men in professional women’s sports and just called them women?

I am not against transgenders but I am against lying. I believe children are being surgically altered into the opposite gender. Instead of protecting children from this practice, I see the media and government pushing their intention to attempt to persuade this onto everyone - or else.


I’ve been shown my whole life in a billion little ways, that being a female is lowly and second rate. That is part of how I know and have always deep down known that the powers that be are really just a bunch of SICK LIARS. Have you had a look at Henry Kissinger’s wife?


What if the people who run this world are so repulsed by real beautiful natural vivacious strong intelligent women that they marry secret men in dresses? What if the people who run this world slaughter and rape children? I think eliminating real women goes hand and hand with their apparently sodomy obsessed religion. If this were True, would you like to know about it so you could resist their constant barrage of brainwashing? 


If these people want this religion, that’s their right. Leave the rest of us and children out of it!  


Please learn anatomy so they can’t fool you anymore. Our compassion and sympathy go out to anyone who had this practice done to them against their will or through consent derived from hypnosis, mind control, abuse and drugs. These LIES must end! 


If you learn anatomy the whole NXIVM story takes on even more implications. The media is not really reporting on the NXIVM story. 


Have they closed those NXIVM affiliated children's schools? 


If not then WHY NOT? What are they doing to those children and why won’t the governments of various England affiliated nations stop them?


This is what you got out of the sneaky and tricky murder of Napoleon. This! We will now show you this murder. Buckle Up! 



Gaslighting by someone who normalizes witchcraft to children.