I’m doing all this, EVERYTHING, because I really want to get you interested in the Memoirs of Hortense de Beauharnais Bonaparte.

I’m always saying this project is even weirder than it seems. Based on my decades of research about Napoleon and my many varied impressions, I have come to a radical theory about Napoleon.


It was an assumption during the time of Napoleon that he and his stepdaughter Hortense were secretly a couple. This is what sent me to Paris to learn French so I could explore this matter.


When I finally start broadcasting Hortense’s Memoirs, you will see that Hortense was horrified about the fact that she was going to have to marry someone to suit the ambitions of her Stepfather. Napoleon was going to select her husband to suit the best interests of France and that was the end of it. 


When Napoleon came back from one of his many wars, he was deeply upset about the death of General Desaix. He complained bitterly about this loss and that he was intending that Hortense should marry him. Napoleon claimed that with Desaix - she would have been happy. Hortense was comforted that Napoleon was genuinely concerned about attempting to place her in a happy marriage. 


In Hortense’s Memoirs, you’ll see that General Duroc was in love with her and he proposed to her. Napoleon was against the match and he played a bit of a game to try and prove Duroc was after her high rank and not her herself. I, however, do think that Duroc sincerely loved her. 


Here below, I present you with an image of General Desaix.


General Desaix. 


General Duroc. 


This is Hortense on the right probably stressing about the marriage Napoleon was planning for her.