I’ve been thinking long and hard about finally coming out. (The Truth is I’m a goofball.)

Anne Hathaway says it’s time for the LGTBQ to finally get their P.


What could the P possibly stand for? 


If there were a group that kept getting kicked out of countries, century after century for deceit and for raping and murdering children - what would you think about that?


It would create quite a dilemma for the rest of us if such a thing were a reality. I’m always for the Truth coming out.   


I feel like genuine Truth seekers are all seeing the same issues. We’re just not quite sure what we’re looking at. This is a culture that highly overvalues acting. That in itself says a lot. I produced plays and movies. The ability to act is not the great and amazing thing they are saying it is.


Some people believe demons prefer to inhabit transgendered bodies. In my life, I have experience to KNOW angels and demons do exist.


Hollywood clearly wants children transgendered. Why does Hollywood risk everything to push this agenda on defenseless children when it will, IT MUST, result in a massive revolt against them? 


Why is it worth it to them to risk their extreme privilege?


The answer is clear: because they have to.  



They’ve been telling us all along. 



Cher says she’s a rich man.