I keep hearing the term Goyim means Cattle. That doesn’t mean that’s True. I want the Truth.

Is this True? If this is True, are they saying it is their belief that this is a plantation that they own? That the rest of us (born here) are in existence to feed and/or serve them? I know that’s how rich people from the City tended to treat me - one after another. Does this mean they think it is their right to do whatever they please just as long as it suits their interests?


- Because YouTube just trumped up charges to strike a video in this country showing religious elders explaining that their religion tells them that they are the masters, the rest of us are their slaves - I’m putting all this up. 


Hollywood showed me movies about this sort of thinking. Hollywood always called people with this sort of ideology members of the Nazi Party. 


This is the religion of our best ally? 



These religious people all seem to agree that the rest of us are here to do their dirty work or whatever else it is that they may require of us. 



Gene Simmons “the Demon” of KISS (Knights In Satan’s Service), the popular media personality, says gentiles exist to fix his car. Imagine what he says when he’s not being broadcast on international television?



A highly ranked Sephardic rabbi called people not of his tribe, “monkeys”. I am pretty sure I am, by blood, Sephardic but I did not grow up with that ideology. Not saying mine was much better, it wasn’t.