Truthful Spirit discusses the transgender agenda.

I am a woman and I do know my value. Wigs, high heels, saline sacks, red lipstick and surgery are not the building blocks of a real woman. Those are (from what I’ve seen) the raw materials of pornography and prostitution however - specialities of the current world rulers.


A real woman is made of Spirit and strength and creativity and compassion. I fall short of these ideals sometimes but I know that women are the bringers of Life and God’s Love if we can cast off the infernal programming of the overtly masculine Saturn Death Cult.


I genuinely love real men and real masculinity but the Saturn Death Cult is a caricature of unbalanced and necrotic DESTRUCTIVE masculinity. They ape women because they envy our power (that they try to hide from our awareness).


I am broadcasting my Napoleon Memoir Series to celebrate A REAL MAN. 


My wish is for all women to know their True Beauty and Power, which come from alignment with the Most High. 


At the highest echelons of “success” I see various races but it’s hard for me to discern any real biological women? Did they have to pluck out and destroy real women to create their endless circus of death?