Are major corporations owned by the government or is the government owned by major corporations?

A number of major internet businesses (or governments fronts who knows?) banned Alex Jones all at once. This put us freedom lovers in yet another double bind. Most of us have seen enough to conclude that Jones is some sort of puppet or shill. For whom? Well, lately, from what I’ve seen, Jones has been pumping out that the Muslims are the ones ruining everything. Something tells me the real answer is a bit more complex than that.


Please forgive me if I’m probably oversimplifying Jones’ message. I really don’t take him seriously.


Most of us shudder at this Orwellian move of all these “corporations” moving at once to silence (one of their own?) but people like me really aren’t going to complain that loudly because it looks like yet another psyop. The oligarchs seem to be pulling another one of their theatrical maneuvers. Just my opinion. I’m watching this show from the cheap seats and I really don’t have any inside knowledge - apart from what I hear in prayer. 


I found it interesting that reddit, which I regard as strangled by shadowy hands, downvoted the following post to -3. 


What is so objectionable about a person arguing EFFECTIVELY that the people are entitled to be treated as co-owners of the internet? 


Who could possibly vote (en masse) against that?