Why would YouTube shut down Syrian channels if they’re not aligned with forces that oppose the wellbeing of Syria?



When I was around 12/13 years old, I was in Brazil. The community where I lived had a lot of middle eastern people in residence. I already had been so indoctrinated by tv by then that I was a bit scared of them.  


I remember the first person who ever told me she was from Syria. She was extremely hospitable and I still hear from my friends from Brazil from time to time.  


When I was in Paris, during my college years, I was astonished at how unfriendly the French students were and I could hardly get one to acknowledge my existence. Many middle eastern people my own age would express sympathy and tell me they were treated as badly as I was being treated.


My point is: it is sickening that the powers that be are permitted by us to villify, frame and murder middle eastern people!