This is apparently what happens when the reins of power are squarely in the hands of devotés of a Saturn Death Cult who secretly transgender children.

Who would block these oligarchs from their favorite delicacy? The suffering and flesh of children?


To finally have their heaven on earth; Their house on the beach with children farmed for them like livestock; They must eliminate or enslave women.


Women (if they’re not mind **cked beyond recognition) are the guardians of Creativity and Life. They are the biggest threat to the power of the lords of the Saturn Death Cult who rule over us at the present moment.


A balanced male/female energy is very powerful. They can’t let it take root because that’s their kryptonite. They can only win as long as they’ve successfully thrown us off about our true knowledge about ourselves and our naturally endowed spiritual power.


I will stand up against the elimination of women from public life and to their continued degradation by the powers that be. Women must be naturally very warm and creative and powerful for the oligarchs to abhor us as they so obviously do.


Dressing a male up as a female and pumping it full of hormones does not make it a woman. A woman cannot be made in a laboratory! A woman is not made by wigs and makeup and very high heels.


Do not fall for their incessant media mind control games, PLEASE.