The mainstream media is making it about these two right now.

I know there’s a lot more to this than they’re saying. Crafting the narrative to suit the wishes of those who pay to keep secrets secret. 


Imagine a world where this story could actually be told Truthfully. 


Why are there all these cults particularly since the 60s? In California and New York?  Why are all these young and beautiful types drawn to luciferian dominators? What about their past made this attractive to them?


When I met the cult leader who entranced me, the first thing he said was: “you were abused as a child”. 


Looking back, I think he thought he was hitting the jackpot just knowing that one thing about me.  I thought he was “real” for divining this intel.


An abusive childhood is what sets us up for the twisted mind tricks of a diabolical predator. If my parents had shown me a glimmer of love, I wouldn’t have fallen for the glib tricks of a conman. The only reason I am doing as well as I am is because I am spiritually connected to the Creator. I KNOW I’m loved. 


There is so much more that THAT THEY’RE NOT SAYING.