I really am curious about the religion of the elite.

I strongly suspect it is heavy into astrology. I went through a phase where I intensively attempted to interpret my natal chart in an attempt to understand why my life has been so full of strain.


I’m not sure if “real” astrology information is being held back as part of the game rigging.  I have known for some time that I couldn’t succeed in worldly terms because success is a rigged game.


Even now I show the suppression of my work that occurs every day. I would rather be a “failure” every day of my life (fighting lies) than to join the reprobates at the “top”.


When I worked at Getty Images, I realized that nothing is more revolting than having to deal with psychopaths. (Getty Images treated me on the whole very well. My angst came from dealing with the publicists for the most part. Some of them are psychotic.)



I wonder if real astrological information is available to us. I spent a lot of time trying to decifer this chart.