Was a scam launched from Nathan Stolpman’s YouTube show?

I also had a weird encounter from what seemed like a sock puppet account concerning this story. The one behind the account seemed to be trying to manipulate me into promoting the subject of this video.  


I have extensive experience dealing with psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissists/borderlines/ passiveaggressives etc. because my parents were brimming with these personality features. Unfortunately, I attracted degenerates as an adult and for a very long time, it felt “right” to endure them.


Finally, I learned that the opening move of a psychopath is frequently the pity play (or ploy). When the sock puppet tried to appeal to my sympathy in every way possible, I strongly suspected that I was dealing with a psychopath.


I’m here to teach you their tricks so you won’t fall for them anymore. 


Click here to learn about what a psychopath is frequently like from day one: