I refrain from talking about the extent of the mysteries in my life because most people would never believe me.

I have a far stranger story than Ben Szemkus does. 


Ben told me yesterday that his life has had a “boa constrictor of ridiculousness” around it. His friend would speak of Ben’s experiences and no one would believe that such a person really existed. While I see this in Ben, I think my story is VERY difficult to convey as well. 


They’ve been trashing Napoleon’s name for over 200 years. Napoleon is the second most written about person in history.


So many have been brainwashed into disliking Napoleon in a knee jerk manner that I have received enormous pushback concerning my attempts to spread the TRUTH about this man


Why has so much energy been directed toward maligning an ultimately failed General who dared to challenge the Royal Family?


Back then as now, the Privileged shared a bloodline. Why do those in charge need so forcibly to keep it all in the family?


Sometimes people do believe me though. I was actually sued by a guru for saying (in part) that I had had the experience where I believed I had been telepathic with him. The legal complaint complained that his followers were believing my story and that this was hurting his ability to reel in fresh human capital.