A video about a member of the “pizzagate research club” on YouTube.

I found Ben Szemkus in this guy’s comments. Then Ryan didn’t cover Ben but he did, instead, an interview with the main guy attacking Ben. At the beginning of that show, Ryan couldn’t even remember the name of that guy’s book. 


We mentioned in Ryan’s comments that his guest was an attacker of Ben with a deep and prosecuted history of doing legal shakedown threats.


Ryan told us a 1 minute google search would show us that his guest had been cleared of all charges.


A 1 minute google search indicated that his guest was still under fire for his deeply unethical behavior.  This legal shakedown threat maker is also connected to a publicist facing court for his own shady ways.


Certain ones in the mainstream media have been holding up that dark publicist as an official authority on the NXIVM scandal for some time. Do individuals in the mainstream media know or care their favorite NXIVM source has a documented reputation for unethical and illegal behavior? 


Then Isaac Kappy just endorsed that publicist’s site. What are the chances?


Ben also told me that this Isaac Kappy video contained so many personal details from his own life that he is wondering if the authorities are trying to “sensitize” him; To covertly warn him that they are violating his privacy and that there’s nothing he can do about it because the Constitution is not respected by the top echelons. 


This shakedown lawyer who was on Ryan’s show appears to be present in the comments so frequently on this dark publicist’s site that I have been asked if perhaps there are paid commenters on there. 


Ryan is just one of the members of the YouTube “Truth Community” that has obviously been pushed and pumped up. 


Not only that but our friend Ben remembers some shady behavior from Ryan’s past that Ben just so happened to have been there to witness. I know I was fairly disgusted about it but I wasn’t ONE BIT SURPRISED.


What are the chances? 


Truth really is stranger than fiction.