I liked this movie as a teenager.

It bothered me that the main female character was so just not pretty compared to the male lead. The 90s version of Romeo and Juliet bothered me for the same reason.


Now I view Hollywood as the chief factory of witchcraft spells. I am seriously wondering if it just isn’t possible to get seen in this world on a large scale without a deal with the devil. 


I show the deliberate suppression of this project to PROVE that a person not in a deal with the devil is not permitted access to the public eye. Can I get around this? Is it possible for ANYONE to succeed in this world, in culture without bowing to Lucifer?


I WILL NOT bow to Lucifer. 


“Career open to talent, without distinctions of birth.”

- Emperor Napoleon



Look on the right how the hair is place to obscure the hard lines of the jaw. The jaw on the left doesn’t look quite natural. I’ve always wondered why Hollywood actors generally look and behave in such a fake manner.