Look at who is accusing others of malice towards children. In Connecticut.

You can always count on these types to self publicize how very much THEY CARE.


Wonder if he is using that big heart of his to ask his friends about those NXIVM connected daycare centers? 


I do sincerely hope the child referenced in this politically weaponized tweet finds safety and comfort.


The welfare of children is not a partisan issue. It is ridiculous to blame every supposed miscarriage of justice on the president. I grew up during the Reagan years so I’m habituated towards viewing the president as little more than an actor repping the interests of shadowy oligarchs.


At least Reagan never appeared on professional wrestling. 


If professional wrestling is part of how they sold the current president to the masses then the movie is Idiocracy was prophetic. 


Have you heard about Ben Szemkus?

Ben Szemkus says he saw Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman. Stormy Daniels, Eliot Spitzer, David Brock and Michael Avenatti, Anthony Weiner at a NXIVM “women’s empowerment” recruitment mixer, all in support of a sex slave cult with a guru known for pedophilia and seeking children for a children’s program.




The polygraph exam: