A commenter on my YouTube channel is spreading a common misconception about Napoleon.

ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE commented: “Napoleon was an antichrist.”


My response: That story was spread by his enemies. I’m doing this work in large part to refute that lie. Everyone of course has the free will to believe whatever they choose. I am attempting to spread knowledge. The first time I heard about Napoleon my uneducated mother who thought she knew everything told me that Napoleon was just like Hitler. They both wanted to take over the world.


My awakening started when I realized most of what I had heard about Napoleon was lies. Since the 90s, I have worked to clear up lies that have been spread. Why would the powers that be continue to spread lies about Napoleon? I do appreciate your interest in my work even if I am incapable of showing you my case.

If you look up Napoleon and Jesus, you may find that Napoleon had very very nice things to say about Jesus. I do not recall Napoleon ever saying an unkind word about Jesus. Napoleon basically said that what he did was pretty much nothing next to what Jesus did.

Napoleon was up against England. In many ways, SO ARE WE. Look at the origins of this satanic beast system. A lot of those roads go straight to London. I am not talking about the English people. I am talking about their government which is highly connected to the US government and the other rotten ones.

 “The only True conquests, those that leave no trace of regret are wrested from ignorance.”

- Napoleon


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