Is NBC warning their friends to hide what they’ve said on Twitter?

- While they blame the awful “conspiracy” types for daring to question them? 


Is it really a far right extreme alt right position to ask about the rampant pedophilia/pedovore references coming so often from the power elite?


Is it fair to ask why a “woman” can be an editor at the “most respected news institution/all

the news that’s fit to print” NY TImes while she advocates racism and violence - while the rest of us get censored and shadow banned for simply speaking our TRUTH?


Even if we’re looking at behavior resulting from psyops (always a possibility) these maneuvers are coming across as psychotic and INCREASINGLY desperate. 


It just rubs salt in the wound that the rest of us would never even get an opportunity to work at the New York Times - no matter how hard working or talented we might be. Yet they stand by a champion of HATRED.


We keep hearing the top editor of the New York Times covered up the pedophilia and necrophilia of Jimmy Saville? Is this True? Is the New York Times there to protect the entrenched and twisted ways of the power elite?


You can take a wild guess if you like.


Is it now centrist, normal right and leftist to be totally cool with unspeakable child rape and murder AND TO ADVOCATE HATRED AND TO WISH DEATH towards a certain race?


Every damage control maneuver just seems to show their hand. If these supremely arrogant types think the masses are just going to follow along with overt racism and contempt towards children because they hold the reins of the media glamour machine - I wouldn’t be so sure about that.


Pride goes before the fall.