Deflection and manipulation.

After a video by Nathan Stolpman (of him cycling through manipulation techniques) aired and I had posted about it, someone just so happened to come and bring a lot of methods of “persuasion” to me personally - right here on my iPhone.


I was told by a stranger who acted like my new best friend, it wasn’t nice to falsely accuse Mr. Stolpman. I was pity ployed about how Mr. Stolpman gets called a “Jew” and an “actor” in his comments. It was explained to me how Mr. Stolpman is fighting for children and the implication was that I’ve been bad and wrong for not promoting and supporting this individual.


It felt like I was communicating with a sock puppet account operator that was leafing through a psychological manipulation manual in his attempts to bypass my resistance.


Since I have watched Mr. Stolpman a fair amount, I do know that Mr. Stolpman is very knowledgeable about psyop techniques. He talks about them a lot.


I felt so manipulated but since I was just talking to what seemed like a sock puppet account, I had no way to ever trace the True source of the trickery I felt I was experiencing. You know how it feels to deal with a passive aggressive? He put me in the wrong but since it was all so sneaky and toothless, I had to endure it.


The crux of my “new best friend’s” story was that he believed in the veracity of me and Ben Szemkus EMPHATICALLY and he also believed in the sincerity of Nathan Stolpman. Therefore if I wanted the satisfaction of this mystery person’s approval, I would be obligated to concede that he was ALSO right about Nathan Stolpman.


The last time I allowed myself to converse with my “new best friend”, he told me he had to go off to work and he signed off. Not long after, I clicked on my YouTube app and Mr. Stolpman had just gone on “live”. 


If any one thinks coming after me to manipulate me is a good way to influence my content: My answer is that I probably will see through it. Then I will probably become even more convinced I was right about the snake in the grass creepy dishonesty that I was initially perceiving.


If a person with no content on their Instagram direct messaged you like they were your new best friend and the subject that most energized them was about how you are wrong about Nathan Stolpman, what would you think about that? 


That’s something that just so happened to occur this week to me.  


That “new best friend” cycled through many of the same defenses you’ll see in this video right here below.