I was “raised” by television.

The tv told me as a female I could become anything if I had talent and I worked hard enough. As soon I was 18, I started the slow process of realizing success is not possible for a female artist like me.


I tried EVERY THING to succeed until I lowered myself to become a celebrity photographer. Once I was amongst the “successful”, I came to view that crowd as a stomach churning bunch.


I gave up and became a grease monkey. I started fixing scooters and cars. It’s on my Instagram under Tana Lee Alves if you care to see my garage work.


Most of the time, I listened to Queen or Wagner and I was depressed and sad that I could not be what I believed I was meant to be - a successful writer and artist. 


At around 40, I really gave up and asked God (whoever that is) to take my life. I proceeded to give almost everything away and I started putting rainbow art on the street to try and change my luck. You can look at gemeinschaftprojekt or search Tanster on Instagram if you’d like to see what happened there. 


Now my project is heavily suppressed. Steemit shadowbanned me almost immediately. I feel I was driven off Facebook. I’ve been banned at Reddit repeatedly. When my YouTube channel started taking off, the community guideline strikes started rolling in.


People frequently remark on my absurdly low numbers. The like button on this site doesn’t even really work. Squarespace hosts this site. Numbers are their game, not mine.


See the Truth.