Controversy upon controversy: The NXIVM/Mr. Gunk edition.

This video at the bottom of this post is by a highly controversial and disgraced content creator. Look up Mr. Gunk if you’re interested in that story. This video came out almost three months ago.


Despite that controversy, this content creator makes some connections about NXIVM that we are also making in our minds as well.

Here is is the Ben Szemkus testimony of what he saw at a NXIVM mixer.

My background is in painting and I am very adept at recognizing proportions. Since I have been alerted to transgenderism amongst the power elite, I believe I am now capable of identifying one’s original gender through perceiving the skeletal structure which cannot be obscured through surgery, wigs, makeup, lighting effects and costume.

Ben’s Story has met with a kind of hystrionic opposition from some publicist types who claim to be exposing NXIVM when at best they are more than likely in place to actually obscure the real Truth (the extent of the depravity) about this cult.


Despite the fact that Ben’s story is congruent. Despite the fact that Ben’s story is corroborated ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Despite the fact that Ben has no history of committing fraud against the public. Despite the fact that Ben has no history of lying for “attention seeking” purposes. Despite the fact I have supported him since day one and I have no history of being deceptive. Despite the fact that I found and paid for a court certified polygraph examiner/Private Detective with a spotless reputation spanning 30 years named Steve Hamre. Despite the fact that I asked Mr. Hamre to conduct a polygraph examination on Ben Szemkus. Despite the fact that I asked Mr. Hamre to please help me learn the Truth. Despite the fact that Mr. Hamre, after the exam, said Ben is Truthful. Despite all that, some Democrat types refuse to believe Ben’s story. Why? Because they don’t want to. No one can force another to see the Truth if they really really don’t want to see it.


Here you can watch the polygraph exam to which Ben Szemkus submitted himself about the NXIVM mixer.

All that is not good enough for some Democrats. I suppose absolutely nothing can convince them of the Truth if it makes their side look bad. I think blindness of the Truth as a result of being partisan is all too human and a bit sad.


I do not ascribe to partisan politics. The Truth has no political affiliation. 

Why does Ben’s story make the Democrats look bad to the degree that some of them will squeeze their eyes closed to shut out his message, perhaps even to their own selves in their innermost thoughts?

In Ben’s story, many high level “friends of Hillary” were standing around as “Yale girls” were being lied to about a “women’s empowerment” movement. It has now been exposed this movement was a sex slave cult where these “women” were to be branded like cattle. What else was planned for these “Yale girls”?

The NXIVM cult leader also had elaborate plans for children regarding the “Rainbow Cultural Garden”. Is this children’s organization closed yet?

The alleged abuse of our most vulnerable should not be a PARTISAN ISSUE.

I fell under the influence of a mostly online cult in 2016. When I was finally in the presence of that cult leader, he was all but physically attached and seemingly controlled by a sexually provocative individual with a heavily made up, cleavage revealing plastic surgery look even though this individual was only a bit over 40. This person was also of an extraction known for easily maintaining a youthful look well past youth. No one just over 40 would need that much surgical enhancement to look “youthful”. The male energy and skeletal structure were unmistakable in my opinion under the hair extensions and fillers and implants.

I have wondered over and over since then - when someone gets into a deal with the devil - are they sent a hermaphroditic handler? Was NXIVM somehow a part of this system?

The mainstream media is not covering but a fraction of this story. Are the mainstream media and the “alternative” media in place to NOT report the news while it creates nothing but the illusion doing so?

AND they are calling for the censorship of the rest of us.

We have the RIGHT to seek the Truth. We live here too and we have RIGHTS too.


Look at that jaw on the image right below. Look at the jaw on the left. Look at the highly placed cheek on the right. Look at the more female looking cheek on the left.


It’s time to open your eyes.