Goebbels was a publicist too.

I will leave his name out. If the shoe fits you’ll know the one associated with these charges.


This publicist runs a system that repeatedly threw the address of Ben Szemkus around in a harassing manner.

The US Federal Government is prosecuting this publicist for charges of wire fraud and claims that he orchestrated a scheme that involved shell companies and bank accounts.


Prosecutors also claim this publicist cheated the Internal Revenue Service and, as part of two forfeiture demands, they are seeking $4 million from this individual.


The new criminal charges against this publicist are the result of a five year FBI investigation into his business dealings in Niagara Falls and his ownership of One Niagara, the downtown office and retail center that many still remember as the Occidental Chemical building.

This building is on 360 Rainbow Blvd. Some consider the number 360 to be deeply significant to dark occultists. This publicist still has a financial interest in 360 Rainbow. This is a tourist trap/parking lot with 17 reviews on Yelp - An average of 1.5 stars.


This publicist is saying he was hired as a PR agent for NXIVM in 2007, 2008. A PR agent’s job is to manage a company's image in the media. He wasn't aware that the media started labeling NXIVM a cult in 2003 when Forbes ran a cover story saying that? Makes no sense.

On his blog, he calls himself a real estate developer. That 360 Rainbow property is a small office building with some business tenants. He was acting like a property manager. Why 50 bank accounts? Why off shore accounts? Neither of those things are necessary to manage a small commercial building. He claims NXIVM is harassing him with this criminal action. But it's the Federal Government that is charging him criminally.


If it was NXIVM using the system against him somehow, wouldn't it be New York suing him, not the Federal government? If the Feds had no evidence, the case would have been tossed a long time ago.

If you can find the shoe that fits, you will find out the identity of the one who (through his sites) has flung the most mud at Ben Szemkus.


On both his sites, the publicist called Ben a con artist, a scammer and a proven liar (2X). Since there is no corroboration for these defamatory accusations, one imagines this publicist may have been operating under the psychological defense mechanism known as Projection.