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Did you ever notice that G just hanging out on the top left of the screenshot below? Did you ever notice that there are sort of dots and lines that could correspond to numbers in the name on top? Did you notice that the Ts on top both have double crosses? Did you ever notice there is an occult Star of Renphan over the I - and yet these guys frequently talk crap about Israel - encouraging their followers to get comfortable using racial slurs and calls for violence.


I guess if anyone listens to them they will slowly start to sound like racists and bigots - even if they really aren’t. Did you know CIA Agent = 33 according to this wonderfully complex and elaborate site?


They’re saying just one really smart guy slapped this together. Someone who says he works full time too! Someone who says he didn’t really even graduate from high school. Someone who says his brother recently joined the Masons.


Fascinating, right?


THEY HAVE TO TELL YOU. If you don’t want to see it - then it’s on YOU. They know this. 


You should know this too.