Ben Szemkus and I discuss harassment from the “former” NXIVM publicist - in a video we did before his polygraph exam.

Now I am being harassed MUCH MORE from obvious sock puppet accounts. This conversation between Ben and I was from before he took the polygraph test.


Now Ben is in hiding because he felt like “a sitting duck”. The harassment from this  publicist’s quadrant escalated until that group were posting Ben’s address as an aspect of their foul contrived looking environment.


Now I’m getting harassing comments exposing where Ben is hiding that I know are pure fabrication. Keep your eyes peeled for these new comments I’m getting. It is quite a pleasure for me to delete them when they arise. It’s just proof that we are exposing what they cannot have exposed. Hmm, wonder what they are somersaulting so very hard to hide?


I like to not say this publicist’s name because if the shoe fits, you’ll know every word I’m saying is True. 


I have a bit of difficulty keeping up with all the comments across all the platforms I use, I request if anyone can alert me to these harassing comments I would be very grateful.


I don’t want their filth near my media.