A Commentor’s opinion on an allegedly dishonest publicity agent.

 **To make it clear, the commenter does not know Parlato. This is the commenter’s hypothesis. It's the only one the commenter could see that fit all the facts. Frank claims he took NXIVM down which is just not true. What is a lot more credible is that he is still working for NXIVM as a disinformation agent doing an ongoing limited hangout publicity stunt.


Frank Parlato admits that he works in public relations and he admits that he worked as a PR agent for NXIVM in 2007 and 2008. Interestingly, Forbes ran a cover story in 2003, several years before Frank went to work there, declaring NXIVM a cult. They were not the only media source saying that. Frank now runs a "news" site, claiming to be a good researcher, giving lots of info. Frank didn't do any research back in 2007 about the business he was going to represent to the public? He only became suspicious after he had been working there a few months? Yeah right. That makes sense.


Frank's big claim to fame is revealing the branding going on at NXIVM a few months before A&E ran their special. You think those specials just happen over night? No. They were working on that story for months. Those women who were victims were complaining long before that. NXIVM didn't know A&E was going to run that story? They didn't know those women were complaining? Logically they would try and get in front of that bad press and control it. They would also want to steer the story away from the even more evil child sex trafficking. That's where Frank comes in.


NXIVM used their PR agent, Frank, to "break" the story to give him credibility. They let him be quoted in the A&E piece. It was coming out any way. There was no additional harm done to them. Now they had a controlled opposition agent to do damage control. They could use Frank and their other media assets to steer the story in blaming Raniere and Mack for being rogue, protecting their far more important child sex trafficking pipeline. That's why Frank has tried so hard to discredit Ben.


Ben places James "PizzaGate" Alefantis at NXIVM. Hillary Clinton allies are there too. Branson's private island is where the "real" parties are. That's what Frank is trying to block people from talking about. He attacks Ben. He attacks Tanster. All Frank really does is expose himself.