Ben called. He said he’s in hiding.

It was way over the line for that publicist to publish Ben’s address.

I definitely think under the circumstances that publicist’s action would meet the legal definition of harassment. It’s interesting that publicist published Ben’s address after publishing so many unfounded and dishonest accusations leveled at a courageous witness who is credible, who has a straight story - heavily corroborated all over the internet - plus Ben passed a polygraph test on top of all that.

This publicist CLAIMS to be THE ONE exposing NXIVM, who brought it down. An internet search will throw that piece of capital F Fiction out the window.

Sounds like this publicist is there to dump everything on Raniere so the dirty business clearly underneath this publicist’s maladroit attempt at a façade can keep on going without interference from a do gooder like Ben.

This project exposes frauds. There goes yet another one. Anyone who believes that publicist at his word isn’t paying any attention whatsoever. The Truth is right there out in the open for anyone caring to perceive it.