Chigozie, you are AMAZING!🌈

Hi Chigozie!


First one ever issued.

I am officially extending my wish to form an alliance with you.


We’re getting a lot of exposure and I can just hear them calling me a jewhating holocaust denier - which is unfortunate but that’s how it is.

I'm really loving your stuff even more these days! You're bringing a more upbeat, vibrant style that is really working. I think we are making some real progress on exposing what's really going on.

There is one thing that I've been thinking about recently that I wanted to talk about with you. I think Israel was definitely involved and perhaps even mainly responsible for 9/11. I also think the US government was complicit. Israel seems to have a lot more influence over US politics than Russia ever could. I think they use the way we discuss that though against us.

I know you like Zachary K. Hubbard. I used to as well but over time I began to become suspicious of him as some kind of controlled opposition agent. At one point it came to light that maybe his real name is Greenblatt and that is, in fact, Jewish. I know he talks very negatively about the Jews though so I wondered what the connection is. Zachary K. Hubbard also uses a lot of aggressive language. I suspect that if he is an agent, the purpose is to discredit Truthers by painting us as violent, bigoted racists so that people will automatically dismiss us.

One thing that made me really suspect Zachary K. Hubbard was that when he said YouTube had banned him again, I gave him a username and password for a channel that I created for him. He didn't respond. A few others offered the same thing when they saw I did that. He didn't respond to them either. Instead he pulled up stakes and retreated behind a pay wall. The really weird thing was that this was right around the time he was releasing his book. You'd think he'd want to be on YouTube so he could promote that as heavily as possible. He had been talking about the fact it was coming up a lot. Weird he went dark just as the book came out.

Regardless, I think they use our language against us. It's important we keep talking about what Israel is doing, exposing their hypocrisy and influence in our country and elsewhere, but I've decided to do it a little more marshmallow style, trying to minimize the overt tones that could be labeled as racist and therefore lead to us being overly minimized or censored. I only bring this up because during your recent Matt Lauer video, which I totally, totally loved!, you were throwing the name Zionist Jew at him a lot. I believe he may be one too, but I think using that term as an insult can hurt us.

Just a thought. I love what you're doing! Keep up the good work!

My Warmest Regards,