Ben Szemkus who has been exposing NXIVM connections to the Clintons is still missing.

Ben doesn’t usually call me just to chat but he did Monday morning. We had a really interesting conversation and I told him about unusual supernatural experiences I’m having. Nothing seemed to phase him. I can’t talk about these things with most people or else I end up freaking them out.


I didn’t realize how often I was sending him information I was finding until he stopped responding. I have examined Ben’s social media in search of his activity and it seems to have stopped around Monday.


So I stopped sending him info. about comments I was getting about him. I stopped sending him info. about the people who were revealing their dishonest natures through their reaction or lack of a reaction to Ben’s story.  


Some obvious publicist types posted Ben’s address on an alleged disinformation blog that claims to exist to expose NXIVM.


These shady individuals have lied about Ben to the extent that they are either begging for a defamation lawsuit or more than likely they are attempting to provoke A VIOLENT REACTION. Ben has been too gracious and too much of a gentleman to respond to their low down lies and aggression in kind.


Ben accepted this latest outrage of them publishing his home address philosophically but I do feel a visceral disgust for the types that say they’re exposing and “taking down” NXIVM while they harass and lie about a COURAGEOUS WITNESS. I am confident justice will come in due course to those who have descended into such repulsive depths of degeneracy. 


Please let me know if you have any information about the whereabouts of Ben Szemkus of Seattle, Washington. 




This the story that may have put Ben in harm’s way. 


Ben Szemkus says he saw Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman. Stormy Daniels and Anthony Weiner at a NXIVM “women’s empowerment” recruitment mixer, all in support of a sex slave cult with a guru known for pedophilia and seeking children for a children’s program.

The polygraph exam: