I haven’t heard from Ben since Monday morning.

This is what I wrote to Youtuber Nathan Stolpman of Lift The Veil about his lack of interest in the Ben Szemkus NXIVM testimony. You can see Stolpman practically beg a person to come on his show (who said she wasn’t giving interviews) when he has shown no interest whatsoever in Ben’s account. This can be found at the video which is last on this post.



My message to Nathan Stolpman of Lift The Veil: 


I still can’t understand why you didn’t want to talk to the witness who saw James Alefantis at a NXIVM mixer. Ben’s story is congruent. His story is corroborated AND he passed a polygraph about it.


I spoke to Ben Monday morning and he has disappeared from my life and the internet since then. The blog that is supposed to expose NXIVM attacks Ben viciously and they lie outrageously and they posted his address. Ben told me Monday morning about the fact that these creeps did this to him just because they are so determined to squash this story and to scare him into silence. So for now Ben is missing and this whole YouTube “Truth” gang has shown their True colors. I wish I could still believe in anything going on. I’ve seen you beg people to come on your show and yet no interest in Ben? You are very likable and very talented. I just wish I could see the integrity.

Here below is what Ben had to say and his polygraph test is at the second from last link below.

Ben Szemkus says he saw Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman. Stormy Daniels and Anthony Weiner at a NXIVM “women’s empowerment” recruitment mixer, all in support of a sex slave cult with a guru known for pedophilia and seeking children for a children’s program.





The polygraph exam: