Mag on Gabby Giffords.

When the Stoneman Douglas situation happened 2/14/18, I got the impression that it was a big production to further aggravate the people about our right to bear arms.


I followed the alleged psyop closely and also watched the mainstream media call us crazy - while they seemed to be emotionally abusing us. 


The voices in the mainstream media were basically ordering us to believe that a massive rally was paid for and coordinated by a bunch of high school students only a few short weeks after they “survived a massacre”. 


The more the details made no sense, the more the media accused people like me of being heartless monsters for daring to question a totally incongruent unbelievable story. The person who was supposed to be the shooter of that event seemed unconscious while they apprehended him.


Maybe people were murdered that day but everything about it reeked of a false flag.  I absolutely cannot stand that authorities coordinate heinous events and then they blame some other party for their wrongdoing. They have even made this monstrous practice legal to my knowledge.


While I was annoyed about the Stoneman Douglas media show, I came across this video below. A Giffords agent talks at this link about using the Stoneman Douglas kids to advance their agenda. This for me was the smoking gun that proved to me that it was all just a bunch of sick individuals running their nefarious dishonesty on the masses just like they always do.

Here is Mag on Gabby Giffords.