Griffith Gaunt - the film me and my friends made.

I found this book thrown out at the dump. I liked it so much that I went to film school (NYIT) to try and learn how to make it into a film. The first line of that book is: “that Priest shall never darken my doors again.” I was hooked.


Around that time I started having haunting memories about the bombing of Dresden. I went to Dresden to see if there was anything to these memories. That’s when I wrote the script to this movie. I was calling it “Eifersucht” then, the German word for Jealousy. 


Some of the actors in this movie had also performed in my plays about Napoleon - two of which were performed off Broadway in Manhattan. 


This movie is based on a manor novel written in the mid 1800s by Charles Reade - a great but mostly forgotten English author. 


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