Suspicious “Truthers”.

I found a witness in the comments of Youtuber Random Rants of Ryan named Ben Szemkus. The witness said that he saw Stormy Daniels, James Alefantis, Huma Abedin, Ben Weiner and Eric Schneiderman at a recruitment for NXIVM. NXIVM and Alefantis were apparently both funded (in part) by the Caffritz family.


I was surprised most of these so-called Truth Community people weren’t interested in this testimony. But many seemed to jump on the Tucson #operationbackyardbrawl alleged child trafficking story. Jamie Dlux covered it and took the video down or it was removed.


Urban Moving covered this story in earnest.


Focus on the Facts covered this story. covered this along with also did but it all seemed to be a lead up to an extremely defamatory hit piece against Ben. We suspect they were so flagrantly malignant out of an attempt to get an ugly reaction out of at least one us. Who knows?


Then Ryan promoted the most vicious attacker of this witness (who seems to live in the comments of frankreport almost as if it’s a source of employment) and RROR obviously misled his own audience in the comments of that video. I have struggled to get the Truth out and I’m wondering who to believe. 


Then Lift The Veil did a video about how a pedogate researcher named Mr. Gunk was caught in some heavy hypocrisy. The video can be seen below. In this video, you can see some of the “Truthers” as they mostly turn it around on anyone not falling in line with their club. They “closed ranks”.


This video is important to watch if you have discernment. A lot of True colors come right out and shine. I actually had to turn it off early because the amount of BS was physically nauseating to me.

Here are videos showing Ben as he testifies to what he saw at a NXIVM mixer:


A polygraph examination will be happening whenever Ben is ready to do it. 



Information about my allegations concerning Random Rants of Ryan can be viewed in the video below:


I wish I could believe in these people but I refuse to shut my eyes out of a desire to pretend to be a part of an obviously mostly fake community.


People will go along with a whole lot out of a desire to FEEL included and to think they’re liked. The puppeteers know this about us and they use this against us.


This project is for the Truth. Remember that most the crew on Lift The Veil’s show are very frequently pleading poverty asking for money.


The Last American Vagabond said the path to lots of money comes to those attacking people like those in their group. Okay. That was a credibility buster for me.


You know a tree its fruit. A congruent story is True. That’s all you need to know.