Q drama involving Nemo V.

The Q movement, in short, involves an anonymous person who drops conspiracy clues that add up to “believe in Trump”. Many view it as a contrived movement to persuade antigovernment types to support the present administration.


Last winter, I checked out the people who were peddling this story and I wasn’t buying it. I remember one of them was Nemo V. He sat on his sofa saying that the present administration has it all under control. His intro was a quote from Alex Jones about being the Light or some such matter.


The next time I tuned in he was thanking his audience for buying him new equipment. I thought O, I guess he’s going to be hitting us up for money and I moved on.


A couple of days ago, I tuned back in and he was shirtless invoking the pity of his audience because someone had dared to call his grandmother very late. He kept complaining about how horrible and evil it was that someone had dared to wake her up. The audience cooed and pledged their buckets of support over the horror that had been inflicted upon him. He had been “doxxed”. His real name came out and this was presented as a massive and unforgivable crime. 


That’s precisely why I have never hidden my name.  It’s Tana Lee Alves. Do a deep search. Knock yourself out.


It turns out this individual has got a serious rap sheet. The name is Dustin Craig Krieger. You can look it up if you like. Just know that you and I are both, according to this guy, very bad and wrong for violating this person’s self perceived right to privacy. 


There are allegations this person is Q. The article below shows a clip from Star Trek: TNG where Star Trek Q reminds me of Nemo V. 


Nemo V never wavered in his support of Q even after many abandoned “the cult”. 


A lot of Q followers seem like good people. If they think Trump is “draining the swamp”, no one can really stop them from believing that.