Is YouTuber Russianvids a shill? You decide.

For months, despite the rumors that Russianvids is an agent, I have been posting his videos. Russianvids is extremely talented and likeable. He is POPULAR.


I couldn’t justify viewing him as a shill until I saw it for myself. Russianvids went after Mag and tried to set up an interview with him. Mag was not receptive. I also asked Mag for an interview. From what I could tell, he graciously declined my offer. 


Recently, I listened to Russianvids discuss Mag at great length. Through subtle manipulation, he seems to have framed Mag as a satanic deceiver. Russianvids also powerfully invoked the indoctrination of Christianity to crowbar support for his side. He also threatened people literally with Hell if they were not persuaded to the side of Russianvids. 


I believe we are here, ideally, to live life as a “hero’s journey”. My view of this is where a person connects with their own Spirit to the Creator. I truly do believe that people can connect to the Creator through religion. It depends on the person’s intentions. I believe a personal relationship with Jesus is possible. I have spoken to other people who have this and my experience with this Spirit is not all that different from the experience others have had based on what I’ve been told. 


BUT Christianity has been used to oppress and control people. Not arguable. When I saw Russianvids pull this crap in an effort to discredit Mag, I felt I saw behind the mask. 


I don’t know Mag. He is what he is. I view Mag as someone who is doing an “art project”. He seems sincere. He seems like he’s on a mission. He uses copious amounts of profanity. If you like him, great. If you don’t he’s says “get off my channel”. 


I watched the video below months ago and I felt it wasn’t convincing enough for me to view Russianvids as a shill. 


The shills are always crying “unity”. Yeah, unity under the leadership of agents. 


”Whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him”. 


- Albert Pike (the Mason who seems to have written the script for three world wars”



Another convincing case for the allegation that Russianvids is controlled opposition.