More fan fiction about that NXIVM mixer.

Here below at the links are Ben’s accounts of a NXIVM mixer where a few politicians seemed to be in support of a cult which is now accused of human trafficking along with many other crimes.


A secret writer has now become inspired by Ben’s details of the mixer to weave a tale of what could’ve been:


Ben Szemkus took a long drag off his cigarette as he leaned over the rail on the back porch. This party was lame. He was expecting loud music and booze and lots of horny Yale co-eds running around. Instead it was some exceedingly bogus recruitment mixer for a very iffy looking outfit called NXIVM. What a weird name. He should Google it.


Man she had bad taste in parties. Ben wasn't sure how much longer she was going to be his "girlfriend".


"Can I bum a cigarette, kind sir?"


Ben turned to the voice that had whispered near his ear. The cool breeze had sent a shiver down his back.


"Uh, sure, no problem," he said. "I'm Ben, by the way."


"Oh, hi Ben, I'm adult film star Stormy Daniels," the buxom blond replied in a silky, deep voice.


Ben's eyes immediately fell to the stunning woman's ginormous cleavage being offered before him as the "adult film star" leaned forward to pull a cigarette from his pack.


A sharp cough from behind the woman startled Ben. His eyes flew around to see a gigantic African American man towering before him. The word "SECURITY" was emblazoned across his extremely tight T-shirt. His moobs were almost as big as Stormy's.


Ben immediately looked away but then Stormy placed a large, soft hand on his. She brought her face close to his. Her lips gently brushed his ear. "Do you have a light?" she whispered.


A long, slow breath escaped from Ben's lips as he watched the gorgeous blond suck on the thin cigarette. Leaning her head back, letting her full, blond hair cascade behind her, she blew a smoke ring. As it dissipated, she blew a second, smaller one through it.


The two stayed at the rail on the deck and flirted under the Connecticut moon. Ben regaled her with several witty jokes. He enjoyed his reward, the generous shaking of her ridiculously over-inflated bosoms.


Just then, Eric Schneiderman, New York's soon to be Attorney General, walked smoothly up to Stormy. "Honey, Keith Raniere needs you inside."  


She rolled her eyes but then crushed out her half-done cigarette. "Nice meeting you," she said to Ben as she placed an inviting hand on his forearm.


"Do you attend Yale?" Eric Schneiderman asked Ben after Adult film star Stormy Daniels had left.


"Uh, no. My girlfriend's friend got invited to this as the Yale library. She's the one who told us about it."


"Not enjoying it much, eh?" Eric Schneiderman asked with a charming smile.


"Well, it's not quite what I expected."


"The program is primarily for women's empowerment, but they do things for men too. I know a lot of guy's who are in it."


"I was wondering what the word NXIVM meant. Is it an acronym or something?"


"Yes, that's right. It's from the Latin," Eric Scheiderman said. Then as he continued to speak, his voice got deeper, with a touch of menace. "NXIVM means "Master over slave women." A long, cackle started from Eric Scheiderman's mouth, growing and growing until it filled the night.