Just a story.

T could sue that masculine looking woman from China because T is being defamed.


We’re getting emails that publicists are likely broadcasting that T is crazy and jealous, saying T is posting all critical content about her X. Just like he always did to us. There’s lots of us posting critical content but those two always seem to lie and act like it’s just one psychotic -  now it seems they’re saying that psychotic is T.

That masculine looking woman from China has built herself a deceptive publicity machine that is being weaponized against a PRIVATE CITIZEN, T.

That masculine woman from China weaponized a publicity machine that was paid for by T’s X husband. That woman from China broke up T’s marriage and then that woman used the publicity machine paid for by T’s husband to assassinate her private citizen reputation.


That woman also used T’s X’s money to sue me to clear that woman’s name. That woman expressed no interest legally in clearing T’s name with T’s X’s money.

No one seems to think that woman is a menace to society but us.


I would like to extend T a sort of scholarship to my boutique publicity firm. I will offer to broadcast all her content relating to this saga.


She is free to say whatever she wants about me and I will broadcast it - as long as we can remain respectful.  She is free to plug her endeavors here as a courtesy. I have not desired to harm anyone but the Truth has to come out.


Don’t shoot the messenger.


I have been awful many times during the course of this project. I understand why T could find serious fault in my behavior. I did my best but I get it. I am sorry for harm and pain I undoubtedly must have caused T. It was not my intention to harm T and I’m genuinely sorry. This is my mission and my greatest pleasure would be in witnessing T’s fulfillment and success however she views it.


If T’s blog appears somewhere I can find it, I’ll share it far and wide. We really want to hear T’s story. If T wins, we win. I offer whatever I can in the areas in which I operate  to try and make it up to T.


If they are accusing T of publishing complaints about her X because she’s crazy and jealous (their go-to insult for ALL WOMEN) then why not fill us in on what we don’t know. We are really curious. It’s such an intricate story at this point. We want the Truth. Tell us what happened. However T would want to. It doesn’t have to be mean.