Jungle Surfer on Prince William’s visit to the Middle East.

The last time we saw Jungle Surfer on thetanster.com he was saying The Rolling Stones are all natural women. Although I really don’t know if he’s right, if you have the eye to spot secret drag queens, I will say that I do question the original gender of Mick Jagger’s many partners.


I know it’s very rude to discuss the natural gender of public figures but I feel this must be done. Presenting near starving men in dresses as “glamorous celebrities” has led to many a death in natural women who have become anorexic to mimic a “beauty” not possible for them.


Also presenting nearly starving men in dresses as the female ideal has caused many men to shame their partners because she isn’t as “hot” or as naked or nearly naked as a “beauty” like Cher. I actually saw this happen myself. This agenda HURTS women AND men.


A regular graceful woman doesn’t dance and trot around like a street walker.  if someone is acting and looking fake and putting their not quite right looking breasts and butt in people’s faces - look twice and think about what you’re seeing. 


Why would the media lie to us about gender like that? Why are they trying to confuse children about gender? You decide.


There is a lot of evidence showing that a Saturn Death Cult is in charge and they seem to value inhabiting deceptively transgendered vessels. 


Am I crazy to say this? Maybe. I think they are crazy to be doing this. If you ever wondered why celebrities look so fake and creepy and unlike regular people - THAT’S WHY.


Jungle Surfer bravely exposed this creepy practice very early on and many credit him with opening their eyes. This creator is very original and funny. He now practically speaks in code because he’s been so heavily censored. He stills manages to get his point across. They can censor us all they want. We can still get the point across. The Truth is the Truth. The Truth will prevail.


Here Jungle Surfer lets you know what he’s thinking about Prince William’s upcoming trip to the Middle East.