What could’ve been: Ben Szemkus and Huma Abedin.

Okay, they say we're fan fiction? Fine. Here's some fan fiction.


Huma Abedin slipped her arm from under her husband's, A. Weiner, and made her way to the open bar. The room was crowded with young Yale co-eds. This recruitment mixer promising to be a big success.


"A Daiquiri, please," she said pleasantly to the bartender.


"The same," Ben Szemkus said.


Huma turned her head to regard the young man who had just appeared at her elbow. Was he a Yale student? Maybe, though he had a bit of a shaggy quality that didn't seem to quite fit.


When the drinks arrived, they stayed in place, next to each other, at the bar. Ben introduced himself without any corny lines, much to Huma's relief. As they chatted, she was beginning to find Ben charming.


"I just want to tell you something," Ben said in a slightly more serious tone. Huma leaned in, a little concerned. "I think you're really attractive."


A surprised smile broke out on Huma's pale face. "Oh, why thank you," she said with a blush. Then she chided herself. Why was she acting like such a little girl?


"Do you want to go out on the deck for a smoke," Ben said with a roguish leer.


Just as Huma was about to answer, her husband, A. Weiner, ran over, his face full of alarm."Hey buster! Get away from her! That's my wife!"


Huma gave him a quizzical look at being called his wife. They weren't married. Sure A. Weiner had asked her out six years earlier, in 2001 but she never really responded to all his flirting attempts. There was something really weird about him. You know, in that Carlos Danger way.


Ben, not one to step between a man and his woman, backed away like a gentleman.


"Your wife?" Huma asked once the intriguing young man was gone.


A sly smile broke out on A. Weiner's face. "That's the plan."