Christopher Bollyn, the man who “solved 911”, is called a raging antisemitic neonazi.

This article references Bollyn being called a raging antisemite:


Bollyn is called a hero by many in the Truth Community. (I suspect the Truth Community is led by agents.) I see this in comments all over YouTube and real people do appear to be leaving these comments.


Here Bollyn is called an Israeli agent:


Here you can read about Bollyn’s run in with police.

This is Bollyn’s version:

This is the other side’s version:


Here is where Bollyn says he was married to an Israeli woman who was in Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad. He says his family welcomed her. He says her family was very racist against him. 


I don’t believe the mainstream media story about 911. That means I believe a bunch of people are lying about 911. Who benefitted from 911? 


I mirrored a Bollyn video months ago. I received a comment that he’s an Israeli agent. 


Here is a video by someone who says he tried to link 911 to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families with his testimony but Bollyn declined his information.  (I believe I have heard Bollyn mention the Rockefellers and Rothschilds in his talks.)


Here below Bollyn wears orange. Some believe wearing orange is a way to quietly proclaim alliance with Freemasonry. Orange = 33 in numerology and 33 seems to represent Freemasonry.


Is it fair to call Bollyn a raging jewhating antisemitic neonazi? Anyone listening to him would see the shoe totally doesn’t fit. He bends over backwards to say the problem isn’t “the Jews”.


He says the problem is ruthless characters at the top of the pyramid. Who can even argue against this?


Many of us would like answers about 911. We would also like the endless wars to end. At this time all I can see is that 911 has been the lead up to World War 3. World War 3 was predicted by Freemason Albert Pike and it’s playing out as if THEY ARE FOLLOWING A SCRIPT.


I spent weeks writing about 911 on this site and I at least convinced myself that 911 was some kind of diabolical human sacrifice ritual. 


It’s worth noting that so many disparate names are being thrown at Bollyn. I only want the Truth. This is a tough one.