We are asking the public to help us choose the questions for the Ben Szemkus polygraph examination about that NXIVM mixer.

Today we started the process of arranging Ben’s polygraph examination.

We are looking for questions. Please share with us what questions you would most like to see put to Ben.

We decided to pay for the polygraph because it is a conflict of interest for Ben to pay. Some people expressed interest in helping to fund this. If they are still willing to do so, let me know.

This polygraph examination will be conducted by a Private Investigator named Steve Hamre who possesses over 30 years experience and there are no bad reviews anywhere about Hamre that we can find.

I am supporting Ben’s testimony in any way I possibly can because I am doing an art project that works to uphold the Truth.

I am trying to prove with Ben’s help that the Truth can be ascertained. You can rest assured a story is more than likely True if it’s congruent. Ben’s story is congruent so far.

I believe Ben’s story is True. I don’t know if polygraph examinations are the end all in Truth but Ben feels confident that he CAN pass a polygraph examination. Let’s find out and see what happens.