The idea behind my art project.

I’m doing the hero’s journey as an art project.'s_journey

The idea of the hero’s journey is that all the great stories share elements because they are True. Basically a hero’s journey awaits any of us if we’ll take the adventure that is waiting for us. Part of that is that we will be provided for whatever we need as well. I started this project by giving almost everything away and putting free art on the streets. Part of that was to find out if I’d become financially ruined or would I have more after giving almost everything away. After a year, I ended up with much more. Not just more things but more of the things that actually matter like higher self regard, better reputation etc.

Anyway, it’s all just worked out. I’m doing this to show that the hero’s journey is a possibility and that it will result in a better life. Since I am fighting for Truth, I have deeply deeply angered extremely rich “powerful” people. (I don’t consider pathological liars powerful. They’re really just slaves.) There is a real chance that I may be assassinated by them for exposing their secrets. The way I see it, if that does happen, it’s worth it.

As Napoleon said:

“To die is nothing

but to live defeated

and without glory

is to die everyday.”